The Fourier team are experienced healthcare technology leaders that share a commitment to making a difference in healthcare.

  • TEAM

    Our Team

  • Christopher Lee, PhD

    Christopher Lee, PhD

    Co-Founder, CEO
  • James Lloyd

    James Lloyd

    Co-Founder, CTO
  • Andy Ellner, MD

    Andy Ellner, MD

    Chief Medical Officer
  • Julie Merritt

    Julie Merritt

    Head of Sales
  • Adam Tanner

    Adam Tanner

    Principal Software Engineer
  • Bill Alton

    Bill Alton

    Staff Software Engineer
  • Colby Seyferth

    Colby Seyferth

    Senior Software Engineer
  • Gabrielle Zurawski, RN

    Gabrielle Zurawski, RN

    Senior Director, Clinical Operations
  • Juan Uribe, MD

    Juan Uribe, MD

    Clinical Data Quality
  • Erkin Otles, MD, PhD

    Erkin Otles, MD, PhD

    Clinical AI Strategy
  • Emily Alsentzer, PhD

    Emily Alsentzer, PhD

    Clinical AI Strategy
We are technologists, operators, and clinicians who believe that we have only begun to turn information into intelligence.
  • TEAM

    Our Advisors

  • Molly Coye, MD

    Molly Coye, MD

  • Rivka Gross

    Rivka Gross

  • Sean Murnane

    Sean Murnane

  • Austin Brandt

    Austin Brandt

  • Kevin Kickhaefer

    Kevin Kickhaefer

  • Jeremy Schwach

    Jeremy Schwach

  • Debra Richman

    Debra Richman

  • Nate Fletcher

    Nate Fletcher

The Fourier platform is our answer to the question “how can AI change healthcare for the better?”